Free webinar - Ask Ayman Series

Ask A Security Expert Anything!

Not sure where to start with security for your company?

Is your main focus building product or engineering, but now you have to deal with cybersecurity?

Are your Enterprise customers giving you a hard time with Security Questionaires and Compliance questions?

The first Tuesday of every month I will be holding office hours. It's an opportunity to come with any security questions you may have or are facing in the field. I will also do a brief deep dive on a technical topic or a recent incident.

Geared For:

  • CTO's, Founders, VPs of Engineering
  • Eneterprise Architects
  • DevOps Managers and Engineers


  • Current Security Threats Summary (10 Mins)
  • Configuring DKIM Security on GSuite (10 Mins)
  • Q & A / Open Discussions

Live Webinar via Zoom (45 Mins)
1st Tuesday of Every Month:

July 7, 2020
11:30am Pacific Time

Ayman's Areas of Expertise:

  • Enterprise and Corporate security
  • Startup security assessment and prioritization
  • AWS Multi-Account Security and Best Practices
  • Security Operations, SIEM, and Logging
  • Growing your security team

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